Who we are

With every flooring or material solution we create, we are shaping sustainable living.  

It’s our mission to enhance people’s lives, but it’s our job to do so without exhausting our planet. So we shape and continuously reshape our business, tirelessly reducing our environmental footprint and staying ahead of the curve.

At Beaulieu we have learned that being part of the solution, calls for a group effort. Innovation means collaboration, so we rally behind great ideas and give people the chance to shape what happens next in our company and industry.  

Getting the job done, time and time again, requires a shoulder-to-shoulder attitude with our people and partners. That’s maybe, and above all, how we are shaping sustainable living. Together. 

  • Our solutions

    At Beaulieu, we offer a very diverse mix of flooring and material solutions.  From cushion vinyl, artificial grass, or our famous latex free event carpet, to semi-finished solutions such as yarns and fibers to an extensive range Polymers. And above all, let's not forget our high-quality upholstery fabrics!

    This diversified portfolio offers you the opportunity to showcase your talent in each of these solutions!

    Explore our extensive solutions range →

  • Fan of our people

    The secret of our success? Our people.

    Their entrepreneurial spirit and ambition are the driving force behind our stable market position in flooring and material solutions. In return, we offer jobs in an open, innovative and no-nonsense corporate culture. As a company, we consider the person behind the employee. 

  • Fan of sustainability

    Our vision for change is to actively build a better future by reducing our environmental footprint to zero, taking care of our people and those around us, and doing business in a transparent, ethical way.
    Please visit our sustainability page to learn more about our strategy, read our sustainability report and take a look at our news page to read about our Route 2030-projects.

  • Fan of your wellbeing

    A few years ago, we launched the Energize2GROW program, a company-wide health program, to offer several opportunities to encourage fitness, health and happiness at work. Whether you enjoy an active work break, want to exercise with colleagues after work or eat healthier, Energize2GROW has something for everyone. 

  • Fan of your growth

    Engaged employees make a company grow. Therefore, your professional & personal development are high on our agenda. That's why we created our Beaulieu University. Through a diverse training program where we offer both online and physical training, we want you to grow and develop your skills even further.