"What you do with passion, you will do well."


Production Manager - BerryAlloc


"New and sometimes adventurous challenges every day!"


R&D Engineer - Beaulieu International Group


"An innovative growth mindset - that's what we're looking for."


Recruiter - Beaulieu International Group


"If I had any questions, I could always turn to someone."


Intern - Beaulieu International Group


"Why work for B.I.G.? Because it's an internationally renowned company with the right entrepreneurial mindset."


R&D Manager - Beaulieu International Group


"I play a vital role in maintaining the machines' workflow."


Assistant Adjustement Technician - Beaulieu Technical Textiles


"I know the job well and the atmosphere here is good."


Knotter Technician - Beaulieu Technical Textiles

  • "Thanks to the Hard Flooring division, I’ve now done more than I ever thought was possible. I can confirm, it’s not just diplomas and experience that are important here. Indeed, you can both switch careers and go up in the organisation. It means, I can continue to grow in a job I love doing with heart and soul. It’s great to work in a modern and innovative department with motivated and nice people. Everyone wants to move forward together and I think that makes my job fantastic."

    Production Engineer Luxury Vinyl Tiles - Beauflor


    "I would never have imagined in 1989 that I would work for the same employer for over a quarter of a century. And yet... the challenges have been there and the years have flown by. Even with the experience I've gained, it remains an exciting job every single day, and it is always a challenge. It certainly keeps me busy."

    Head of Logistics Department - Beaulieu Technical Textiles




    "Beaulieu International Group looked beyond my diplomas and experience. I knew what I wanted when looking for a new job: job security and a good friendly atmosphere at work. I found them both at the Hard Flooring division."

    Responsible forklift drivers extrusion - Beauflor